Book Launch: The Three Muscat Years

Dr (Col) Harikrishnan
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“The Three Muscat Years” is about the experiences that Dr Harikrishnan had as a young Army doctor on deputation to Oman. His as-yet uncluttered mind was able to observe and absorb the one-ness of all cultures. He grew immensely in his ability to understand the commonality of different peoples, and to elevate himself above petty prejudices. This journey helped shape his attitude towards life, success and failure, happiness, and sorrow. Dr Harikrishnan realized the benefits of coming from a family full of values and traditions. Three Muscat years and a series of matchless experiences helped him cope with personal loss, understanding of fellow human beings, and self- discovery along the way.

Dr (Col) Koduvayur M Harikrishnan is a laparoscopic surgeon and endoscopist by profession, with a passion for writing, across multiple genres. He has worked in the Army Medical Corps, the NHS, and in Oman. He is a visiting professor at Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai. His other passions include Indian classical music, cricket, and teaching communication skills to doctors and nurses. He is currently working on a book about his pet dog Rufus.