Book Launch: Tulasī’s Shrī-Rāma-Charita-Mānasa

Dr. Neela Thapar Moorjani
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Tulasī Dāsa’s Shrī Rāma-Charita-Mānasa, written in the 16th century, is a great epic scripture that has always gripped the imagination of Bhārat (India) and shaped its value system, traditions, and culture. With its lofty characters and ideals, it has shaped the code of conduct or dharma through the ages. This timeless tale of love, devotion, sacrifice, duty, and courage, the Rāma story, or the Rāma Katha, continues to inspire, not just in Bhārat (India), but across the globe. Yet, the original written in the vernacular, Awadhi is not understood by all. This annotated, word-for-word English translation fills that gap, enabling a deeper, in-depth understanding of the finer nuances and mysteries lurking in the greatest of scriptures ever to be written, a must-read for anyone wishing to comprehend the depths of the Rāma story told in this literary masterpiece. With its superb diction and enchanting design, replete with graphics and images, this award-winning translation provides a complete, immersive, and elevated experience for the reader.

At the book launch of this beautiful translation, written by Anuvad Shri, Shri Chandan Lal Dhody (1909-2001), the editor-presenter, Dr. Neela Thapar Moorjani, the translator’s granddaughter, and the editor of this book, will give a preview of this work through reading and recitation of selected verses, hymns, and dialogues; show a short video of the making of this exclusive all-colour book in a design-rich, 3-volume set; and finally, discuss the relevance of Rāma-Charita-Mānasa today.