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Unravelling Mysteries of Life
Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom
By Gauri Shankar Gupta
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Innovations and technology have become the hallmarks of modern society. Tipping points are reached in multiple areas on a daily basis leading to path breaking innovations and new technologies in diverse fields. With these unprecedented technological advances during the last two centuries there is a growing tendency to discard our ancestors and their life-style as primitive and unscientific. If such advances in science and technology did not take place in the past what could be the reasons? Whether our ancestors were not intelligent enough? If so how could highly developed civilizations exist in several parts of the world?

Do the modern scientific discoveries provide better answers to the basic issues of existence such as origin and functioning of the universe, evolution of life, interaction between human civilization and the nature, purpose of human life, human development and human happiness? Are these unprecedented innovations and discoveries and large scale production technologies leading to human well-being and happiness or are they merely creating an illusion of happiness?

This book attempts to address some of these fundamental questions through comparative study of the discoveries of modern science and the wisdom of ancient writings left behind by our ancestors.

Gauri Shankar Gupta has had a distinguished diplomatic career spanning over 35 years. He is also an accomplished writer, a poet and a motivational speaker. He has written hundreds of poems, contributed many articles in international journals, addressed many international conferences and seminars and has authored several books. Since 2012 Gupta has addressed over hundred thousand audiences on a wide range of issues including; international relations, religions and spirituality, relevance of ancient wisdom, science and spirituality, economic development and environment & climate change.