Carnatic Vocal Concert

Manickam Yogeswaran
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Carnatic music from Southern India owes its name to the Sanskrit term Karnataka Sangitam which denotes “traditional” or “codified” music. The corresponding Tamil concept is known as Tamil Isai. The present concert format evolved during the 20th century. Depending on a performer’s background and outlook, a performance may be inspired by ancient scriptures, the great epics, mythology, philosophy, the customs and legends associated with a particular place of pilgrimage, lullabies or love poetry.

Whatever a musician’s background or outlook may be, the aim of a performance is undiluted aesthetic experience (rasa). This is achieved by means of three concepts: raga (tuneful rendition with minute intervals and rich in embellishments), tala (rhythmic order marked by mathematical precision), and bhava (genuine expressivity).

Yogeswaran is a disciple of “Padmabushan” “Sangitha Kalanidhi” Sri T V Gopalakrishnan. He performs worldwide from traditional forms to orchestras and musicals of Western contemporary music. His concerts are marked by a rear blend of creativity, imagination, virtuosity and high emotive quality. British press wrote he was the first ever Tamil voice in Hollywood. Yogeswaran’s music is steep in the Temple traditions of South India. This evening he will perform a Carnatic recital in the traditional set up, accompanied by violin, mirdangam, kanchira and tanoura played by a selected number of musicians based in London.

Accompanied By
M Ratheeskumar : Violin
M Balachandar : Mirdangam
A Srinivasan : Kanchira
Mervin Mahendran : Mohrsing