Countdown to International Day of Yoga | Session 2

Yoga for Better Sleep
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As a countdown to the International Day of Yoga 2023, The Nehru Centre will be hosting free Yoga Classes every Tuesday evening commencing from 4th April until 30th May 2023. The sessions will be held in collaboration with three major UK based organisations.

Session 2: Yoga asanas for better sleep with pranayama, yog nidra meditation and take home tips

The session will be conducted by Komal Mehta

Komal is head of SRMD Yoga UK, a former solicitor and mother of two, she is now a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 hours) with Yoga Alliance and has completed her training with SRMD School of Yoga and S-VYASA University of Yoga in Bangalore, India.

Komal currently leads live classes for SRMD Yoga from the SRMD London Spiritual Centre in NW London and in person sessions at hospitals and corporates. She also leads children’s value education classes with SR Divinetouch incorporating her love of service and spiritual practice into a holistic lifestyle.

In association with SRMD Yoga

As the founder of SRMD Yoga, Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshji says, "Yoga is not just a bending of the body but a straightening of the mind". SRMD Yoga aims to bring light, love and peace to the world through the ancient Indian art of yoga. Rooted in spirituality and grounded in tradition, SRMD Yoga brings practitioners closer to themselves and cultivates compassionate and service-oriented hearts. SRMD Yoga promotes a holistic way of living by aligning one’s body, mind and soul. At SRMD Yoga, we strongly believe in blending physical practice with the power of meditation and breath-awareness to declutter the mind and centre oneself.