Countdown to International Day of Yoga – Session 3

Yoga for Better Sleep
Sweta Bahri
Get Direction

As a countdown to the International Day of Yoga 2024, The Nehru Centre will be hosting free Yoga Classes every Tuesday evening commencing on 07 May until 18 June 2024. This session will be held in collaboration with major UK based organisations and yoga teachers.

In this session, yoga instructor Sweta Bahri will conduct a holistic session that covers every aspect involved in helping you regulate your sleeping patterns. This session will help you understand the triggers that interfere with sound sleep e.g. time, stress, diet, time of sleep, physical stiffness, followed by a restorative asana practice leading into Yoga Nidra (meditation). The emphasis will be on the Yogic and Ayurvedic foundations to help you achieve a calm state in the mind and body preparing for a good night's rest.

Sweta Bahri, has been a practicing yogini for over a decade. From the urban centers of Mumbai and Delhi to the calm cityscapes of Goa and Kerala, Sweta has practiced yoga all over India and is a certified yoga instructor by the UK Yoga Alliance.

Please bring your yoga mat, a small blanket, and a notepad.