Countdown to International Day of Yoga | Session 5

Yoga for Women’s Health
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As a countdown to the International Day of Yoga 2023, The Nehru Centre will be hosting free Yoga Classes every Tuesday evening commencing from 04th April until 30th May 2023. This session will be held in collaboration with three major UK based organisations.

The class will focus on forward bends and seated postures. Continuing from the strength and stability established in the standing poses, these postures allow a quiet restfulness to be attained. These calming poses can positively influence the nervous system, bringing peaceful repose to the body. The effect of these calming poses on women's health and the fluctuations that occur throughout the monthly cycle will be explored and advice given on how these poses can help to manage the symptoms of PMS and menopause, including anxiety, stress, insomnia and so on.

This session will be conducted by Samantha Shaikh

Sam has been practising yoga since 1997. Her interest in yoga began whilst travelling through Asia and Australia and it is since her 3 children are older that she has begun to teach. Her areas of interest are restorative yoga and yoga for women's health. There is much that can be achieved with yoga to balance the nervous system and counteract the effects of stress which we are all subject to in modern life.

In association with Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar yoga method was developed by yogacharya BKS Iyengar with a strong focus on alignment whilst working in the postures. The poses are held for longer with the use of props so all the poses can be achieved by all types of people with all types of bodies. The support of props allows the attention to move from the outer body and bring greater interoceptive awareness of the inner organic body. The variety of movements in each group of poses develop the body in different ways - strengthening, energising, calming, and grounding.