Dance: Bharatanatyam

Shruthe Raammohan
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Shruthe Raammohan, a dancer, singer and choreographer currently studying Dance & Embodied Practice at Roehampton University, London, is a student of Smt. Sasirekha Raammohan and a mentee of Padmasri Smt. Chitra Visweswaran. She is a core member of Art Kin Centre, Chennai, an art centre supporting creative livelihoods, and teaching faculty at Sanskriti, UK, founded by Smt. Shruti Sriram. She is a B Grade artist of Doordarshan Kendra. Her versatility as a soloist and ensemble dancer has been nurtured through dance productions, television shows, corporate shows and performances at prestigious festivals and venues. Shruthe has been conferred the titles 'Abhinaya Kalaiyarasi' by Smt. Jayalakshmi Arunchalam Pillai and 'Bharata Kalamani' by Prayathnam. She was a guest artist in Ambika Buch's "Shakuntalam", Smt. Anjana Anand's "Ula" and Smt. Chitra Visweswaran's "Meera - The Soul Divine" which toured the UK and USA in 2016.

Shruthe will be presenting a curated Margam, which delves into the nuanced, yet simple, emotions of devotion and love that are felt deeply by everyone. She explores vulnerability in its barest form, while paying homage to the artform and her teachers.

She goes beyond the technique and forms of Bharatanatyam and focuses on her relationship with its spirit. To her, Bharatanatyam is a homecoming explored through her body and mind and she aims to connect with the audience creating rasanubhava