Dance: Drama Sri Devi Mahatme – Mahishasura Vadhe

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Yakshagana, an ancient and traditional art form originating from the coastal regions of Karnataka, India, is a riveting blend of dance, music, and drama. The Yakshadhruva Patla team will be presenting the most sought after prasanga Sri Devi Mahatme - Mahishasura Vadhe. This performance presents an episode out of the Indian scriptures about the Goddesses, where a troublesome demon is vanquished by a Goddess he underestimates.

Himmela (Musicians)

Patla Satish Shetty: The Founder President of the esteemed Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation, and a celebrated Bhagavatharu.

Padmanabha Upadhya: A senior Yakshagana percussion artiste with mastery of Maddale and Chande.

Chaitnyakrishna Padyana: Lends his artistry as a professional Yakshagana percussion instrumentalist.

Mummela (Actors)

Prof. M.L. Samaga: Yakshagana artist whose versatility shines as he adeptly performs in both Northern and Southern styles.

Chandrashekhara Poojary: He is a veteran artist, who can mesmerize with his dynamic portrayals of young heroes and demons.

Prashanth Nelyadi: A crowd-favorite and has an astounding specialization in playing female roles.

Mahesha Maniyani: An artist who makes audiences laugh uproariously as the comedian/jester.

Mohana Bellipady: Well-known for playing demon and king roles, he has an enigmatic and suave stage presence.

In association with Kannadigaru UK and Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence