Dance Drama: Vijaya the Victorious – 100 years on

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Celebrate 100 years of Rabindranath Tagore and Victoria Ocampo, and their epic relationship.

Ocampo was an Argentine writer and intellectual, who greatly contributed towards the cultural and literary world of Latin America, the USA and Europe. She became the first woman to be admitted to the Argentine Academy of Letters in 1977. She founded, funded, published, and edited a literary magazine, "Sur", which had poems, stories, essays, and social commentary of authors from around the world. After reading the French translation of Gitanjali, she described Tagore’s poetry as magical mysticism. When Tagore stopped in Buenos Aires on November 6, 1924, for medical reasons, Ocampo offered to take care of him. She mortgaged her pearl necklace to rent a beautiful mansion in San Isidro by the Plata River, and Tagore and Ocampo spent 58 enchanting days together.

Dr Ananda Gupta, Principal of Dakshinayan UK is a legendary Rabindra sangeet singer and has been exclusively practising and upholding Tagore music as a pure and high form of art. Imbibing and spreading a love for it in the hearts of people, especially in the face of diverse influences, remains till date, the expressed ideology of Dakshinayan UK.