Dance: Dvitvam

Season Unnikrishnan & Ritu Raj
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Dvitvam is a visual exploration of space and time in dance expressing perspectives or interpretations of two dancers. Beyond the physicality of movement, it reinforces the deep philosophy of duality merging to create a space of oneness: the dancer merging with the dance, human with the divine, Prakriti with Purush, ultimately arriving at a point wherein remains no distinction between the two.

Season is a dynamic young Bharatanatyam artiste based in Chennai. He has performed both as a soloist and as part of celebrated dance companies in esteemed festivals and sabhas in India and internationally. Season's initial training in Bharatanatyam started under his paternal uncle, Shri Chittur Babu. He received the title of Kalapratibha from the Kerala District Youth Festival at a young age. After graduating from Kalakshetra Dance Foundation, Season pursued advanced training under the tutelage of the renowned dancer-choreographer, Shri Sheejith Krishna. He was one of the core members of Sheejith Ji's repertory, Sahrdaya Foundation, and an active member the internationally acclaimed Spanda Dance Company led by the revered Bharatanatyam exponent, Padma Shri Leela Samson since 2018. Currently, he is also honing his skills under Shri Rakesh KP. Season has been teaching Bharatanatyam for over a decade and has students training under him from across the world.

Ritu Raj is a young London based Bharatnatyam Artist who has been learning Bharatanatyam for the past 16 years in London. Ritu completed her Arangetram in 2018 and Post diploma in Bharatanatyam in 2021. She has given several performances in the UK and internationally.

Ritu had the privilege of performing at the famous Chennai Music festival in December 2018 and 2019. She was invited by the renowned Mylapore Fine Arts, Global Heritage Music Festival in Chennai, Lakshmi Giri Convention Hall, Chidambaram temple and the well-known Asthika Samaj and Chembur Fine Arts in Mumbai. Ritu conducts regular dance workshops for her students and recently graduated from the University of Bath.