Dance: Enchanting Dances of Amazing Assam

Chinnu Kishore
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Due to the sad demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II , this event has been postponed to Tuesday 13th 2022

They will be showcasing both popular folk and classical dances of Amazing Assam during this Extravaganza evening performed by artists from UK and India. They will be showcasing various folk dances like Bihu, GumRag, Jhumur, Tiwa, Rabha, Kushan, and Hazong.

The choreography for these dances is done by the very talented Mrs. Madhurima Choudhury, a popular actress, choreographer, and accomplished dancer. They also will be showcasing the beautiful Sattriya dance form in the evening.

The choreography for Sattriya is done by the talented duo Dipjyoti and Dipankar. This is another humble effort from the team to promote this beautiful Art form of Assam in the United Kingdom.

Chinu Kishore, founder of Luiporia Nasoni, Secretary of NEICCUK, and Cultural Secretary of United Assam Association of UK has been promoting art and culture in the UK for a few years now.

She and her group performed in various prestigious venues like Nehru Centre, Trafalgar Square Diwali, Indian High Commission, Bhavan, Zee Mela, Chepstow Museum, Birmingham Consulate, and House of Commons, etc. showcasing Northeast India’s rich Art and Culture.