Dance Festival: Kathak Ke Rang

Richa Srivastava
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Kathak started as a part of an oral tradition where ‘kathaks’ – (dancers) narrated the stories of gods n goddesses to the local people.

The event will start with paramparik kathak folding into the nazakat of this artform representing the Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeeb and the impact of Mughals on our artform which was not just visible in the repertoire but also the costume of kathak.

The second day of this festival will explore kathak’s footprints in Bollywood by presenting some popular choreographies of kathak like ‘Paakeezah’, ‘Mughale-e-Aazam’, Devdaas and many more and ending it with the beauty of experimenting with a different style of music.

The finale will showcase a production called ‘Meraki’ – an amalgamation of kathak, Hindustani classical with Jazz Drumming with the renowned drummer Siemy Di and Mehboob Nadeem on Sitar.