Dance Kamya: The Desirable One

Shrutilaya Ensemble
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This dance production takes the format of a Margam, a traditional Bharatanatyam repertoire in describing Shakti depicted as the Supreme Goddess. Among the various cults of worship that Hinduism follows, the Shakta form remains universal. It cements the belief that the Divine Goddess is the ultimate and universal source of energy. She is the symbol of effulgence and power who breaks the shackles of material limitations leading her devotee to a state of bliss.

Shakti is beyond all manifestations. She is untouched by them and is indifferent to them, but over the ages ancient Vedic traditions brought method to Her worship depicting Her in three basic forms of energy, as Knowledge, as Prosperity and as Liberation. The Thousand names of Shakti in the Sri Lalita Sahasranaama all extoll Her as the essence- the very root of creation. She resides within and without us. She is the Universe and all that lies within it. She is action and She is bliss.

Kamya-The Desirable One, describes the journey of the devotee through the various ways in which The Goddess is perceived using the language of Bharatanatyam. She is seen As Kamakshi, the giver of all desires, As Sharada, the giver of knowledge, as Mahalakshmi, the giver of prosperity, as Maata, the Mother and as Sri Lalita, the ultimate manifestation of divine energy that releases the human mind from the bonds of ignorance.

Kamya has been conceived and choreographed by Gayatri Sriram and it is performed as a group production by the Shrutilaya Ensemble.

Dancers: Diya Gopalan, Gowri Mohan, Ritika Srikant, Sreenidhi Venkatesh and Varun Shivakumar

Narrator: Gayatri Sriram