Dance: Kathak Taalim – The Journey Ahead

Richa Srivastava & students
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This event reflects our rich Indian roots in the form of Indian Classical dance called Kathak that is passed on from one generation to the other. Just like ‘Change’ is constant, similarly when we dig in deep, our Indian roots are constant. Their vessels keep changing with each generation, starting from the kathaa-kaars (nuanced artists) of the ancient times to working individuals, doctors, students to the present time.

This generational passing on of knowledge is called Guru-Shishya Parampara that would be reflected in ‘Taalim – The Journey ahead’ it is the sacred bond of Teacher and Students that would be seen through this event. They are proud and content today to present this journey. Richa Srivastava, who is a renowned Kathak performer & teacher, holding regular classes here at Nehru Centre and has been extensively spreading the love of Kathak in the UK, will be showcasing her students as well as performing the traditional Paramparik Kathak.