Dance : Odissi Sandhya

Nrityalaap & Gairika Mathur
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Born & nurtured in the temples of Odisha, Odissi dance is known for its fluid grace, sculptural sensuality & deep spirituality. Initially performed in the temple of Lord Jagannath in Odisha as a form of worship & meditation, the living tradition of Odissi has been perpetuated over the centuries by the Maharis (devdasis from Odisha) & the Gotipuas (young boy dancers dressed as girls). Under the aesthetic depth of Odissi dance, lies its essence of spirituality and the quest for realisation of the Divine. The spiritual elevation & the emotional depth, help the dancer rise from mundane worries of the world, and the joy & bliss one gets, as if he/she is one with the art and one with the Divine.

Gairika Mathur, a lawyer by profession and an accomplished Odissi dancer is a disciple of Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra from Bengaluru, India. She has been pursuing her training under the guidance of her Guru and has performed in prestigious dance festivals of India which includes Naada Neerajanam (Tirupati), Naman (Bengaluru), Kapileshwar Temple (Chennai), Articulate Dance Festival (Mysore) to name a few. She has established herself as a soloist and has performed in prestigious platforms, which includes British Army, New Scotland Yard, India House, Nehru Center, House of Lords, House of Parliament, Waterman’s Theatre, London Fringe Festival and many more. She has been felicitated with the Nrityashri award and has also been featured in the Indian Talent Magazine in July 2015 as well as November 2018. Gairika has also been part of three music videos by eminent classical vocalist and flautist. Her constant attempt is to spread the knowledge and beauty of Odissi dance in different platforms. She has also been part of hospital and old age home projects wherein dance had been used as a medium for therapy. For her, dance is like a therapy that rejuvenates you, heals you, and helps you express your emotions.