Dance Rhythms of the Earth – Storytelling in Odissi

Kripa Iyer & Neelambaree Prasad
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Rhythms of the Earth is a celebration of abhinaya or the art of expressiveness in Odissi. The dancers, Kripa and Neelambaree will showcase a fusion of timeless Odissi compositions and innovative choreographies that delve into our relationship with the natural world.

The performance will be complemented by a brief talk and Q&A on ClimArts – an organisation dedicated to climate storytelling.

Kripa and Neelambaree are experienced Odissi dancers and founders of ClimArts (previously known as Madhuriya) a London based arts nonprofit that brings together artists and climate experts to tell stories that inspire climate action. They have performed in the US, UK and India and have curated events under the banner of Madhuriya ranging from community arts projects to global dance festivals. Originally from Mumbai, they trained together under Guru Debi Basu in the lineage of Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.

Kripa is an Economist who has worked in public policy analysis at the World Bank and is currently in the UK Civil Service.

Neelambaree is a senior leader in the pharmaceutical sector and has led high stakes projects including emergency medicines for Covid response in over 70 countries. She is also a certified Fellow of the Climate Action program at