Dance: Sapta

Kala The Arts
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Sushmita Pati a renowned international Odissi artist and her company of 5 artists will present a rich programme of work.

Sushmita comes from a family of legendary and illustrated artists daughter of late Padmashree Shyama charan Pati and a senior disciple of late Padmavibhushan Kelucharan Mohapatra. She has studied the form in greater detail and pioneer artist in introducing Odissi in UK and helped develop it in the UK through high profile portfolio projects, various creative compositions and teaching it at various institutes including the Bhavan and Kala The Arts based in Hampshire. She has toured her Odissi performances in India, Europe, and across the U.K.

She is the artistic director of Kala The Art, a national portfolio organisation of Arts Council England. She works with 59 artists throughout the year.

The company with perform Sapta which means seven, the colours of the rainbow, the horses of Surya from northern hemisphere, the suns reign on the seven classical planet, 7 musical notes and its relationship/origins from animal and bird sounds. The musical notations take us on a journey within that stirs and invigorates the soul through the chakras upto the crown chakra at the top of the head. The Choreographer Sushmita harnesses the energy of the notes through beautiful movements, taking the lead from the chakras. Sapta is performed by 3 dance artists Sushmita Pati, Kali Chandrasegaram and Suchismita Ganguli

The renowned vocalist Yadavan through his deep soulful singing, and other musicians the flutist and violinist transform the stage in a heavenly arena.