Dance: SHE

Sohini Roy Chowdhary
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Celebrate Durga within you …

In the Devi’s Supreme Cosmic Form,

The Satyaloka is situated on the topmost of Her head;

The Sun and Moon are her eyes;

The quarters of the sky are Her ears;

The Vedas are Her words;

The Universe is Her heart;

The Earth is Her loins;

The space between earth and sky is Her navel;

The constellations are Her Thighs;

The Maharaloka is Her neck;

The Janarloka is Her face;

Indra and the Devas of the Svarloka are her arms;

Sound is the organ of Her ears;

Fire is within her Face;

Day and Night are Her wings;

The mountains are Her bones;

The rivers are Her veins,

And the trees are the hairs of Her body.

Childhood, youth, and old age are Her finest modes;

The two twilights are Her raiment;

And the Moon is the mind of the Mother of the Universe.

~ Devi Bhagavata Purana, VII.

After the performance, as a part of the Orange the world campaign by UNESCO, SheInspires Foundation will be conducting a ‘Colour Me Safe’ Panel Discussion. The panellist will include.

Jenny Hyde – Associate Director, Stanmore Insurance Brokers Ltd

Jenna Martin- Student Experience Manager, Bolton College

Louisa Herridge - Writer, Speaker, Survivor

Gulnaz Brennan- CEO & Founder of SheInspires Network

Ray Hanks - Co Founder, SheInspires Foundation

Maura Jackson – CEO, BACKUP NW, Young People Homeless Charity