Dance: Tre-aanga

Sarbani Ghosh
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A captivating presentation that explores the transformative power of inspiration and showcases the growth and changes it brings to individuals and communities. The performance incorporates the concept of Navarasa, which encompasses the nine emotions of Indian classical arts.

The centrepiece of the evening is an eloquent and engaging storytelling performance on the theme of Mother Earth. This segment highlights the interconnectedness of humanity with the planet and emphasizes the importance of peace, harmony, and unity among people. It urges the audience to recognize their collective potential and demonstrate their ability to work together toward a better world. The presentation concludes with a powerful call for unity and shared dreams, encapsulated in the phrase One World One Dream. It inspires the audience to embrace their individual and collective power to effect positive change in the world.

The performance features the talented danseuse Sarbani Ghosh, who comes from a rich lineage of music and art. Her academic qualifications and mastery of Bharatanatyam bring a wealth of expertise to her performances. Sarbani has also trained under renowned gurus and has expanded her repertoire to include other classical dance forms, such as Kuchipudi, Russian Ballet, and Flamenco. Her performances have captivated audiences across India, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East and she continues to embark on her artistic journey alongside her fellow artists.