Demystifying India: Rediscovering the World’s civilisation fountainhead

Indian Debating Union
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The Indian Debating Union is celebrating this year’s 70th anniversary of Indian Independence with a series of events in India and the UK, including a lecture series by IDU founder Abhaey Singh.

Abhaey is an investor and real estate CEO, as well as a popular writer, debater and public speaker. He spends much of his spare time addressing student and public audiences about India's history, culture, and current realities. He also coaches students and start-up entrepreneurs on how to combine personal success with service to community and country, through the prism of Indic perspectives.

Abhaey’s acclaimed musical pitch for civilised debate, ‘Talk It Out – Debaters’ Rhapsody’, reached over 1.5m people in dozens of countries, with his work often cited by public figures, prominent media organisations and tens of thousands of members of the public.

Abhaey’s talk will focus on deconstructing myths about India with an introduction to India’s history, culture, and path breaking but seldom appreciated civilisational contribution. This important lecture will conclude by exploring the effects of a resurgent India on the world, and why it matters to us all.