Dhrupad Dhammar of Darbhanga Tradition
Sumeet Anand Pandey
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Sumeet Anand is a Dhrupad vocalist belonging to the Darbhanga Tradition. Born in this family of musicians tracing the origin of their tradition to legendary Tansen (Senia), he grew up learning Indian Classical Music from his grandfather Shri Birendra Mohan Pandey and maternal grandfather, late Pt. Siyaram Tiwari.

For over a decade, he has been under tutelage as per GuruShishya tradition from Pt. Abhay Narayan Mallick (disciple of late Pt. Ram Chatur Mallick), who specialises in Gauhar and Khandar Vani.

Sumeet is a regular broadcaster from All India Radio (AIR, Delhi Centre) and performs widely in music festivals across India. Sumeet has received numerous prestigious scholarships and awards for his work as a dedicated Dhrupadiya.

Accompanied by:
Olmo Cassibba - Pakhawaj
Gurbaksh Singh Matharu - Esraj