Discussion/Readings (in Hindi)

Tramontana by Dr Urmila Jain and Achchi Auratein by Dr Kamla Dutt
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The famous Colombian novelist and short-story writer, Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez, who received the Nobel Prize in 1982, has been translated into many languages around the world. The eminent author and translator, Dr Urmila Jain has taken up the difficult task of translating some of his stories into Hindi. She has published several collections of African stories into Hindi - Africa Road, Pyar Botswana ki baaris jaisa hai and Eeshwar ke parinde.

Prof Kamla Dutt, who has made a major contribution in the Stem cell research & Tissue engineering, is also an award winning story writer, who has also acted in many plays. Her story collections include Machchli saleeb par tangi, Kamla Dutt ki yaadgaar kahaniya, and Achchi auratein, both have been highly acclaimed. She has received the All India Gaiety Theatre Acting Award, Regional Youth Festival Award and the State Awards for Prem Chand’s ‘Dhania’ (University Colour Awardee for Theatre).


Dr Achala Sharma, author, poet and broadcaster,
Dr Nikhil Kaushik, Ophthalmic surgeon, poet and film maker,
Shail Agrawal, writer, poet, editor of Lekhni,
Mira Kaushik, Director, Akademi and Chairperson of Vatayan,
Divya Mathur, author and founder of Vatayan,
Shikha Varshney, author and Treasurer of Vatayan, etc.

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