Euphonic Yoga

An Artistic Arena of Indian Performing Arts
Shruti Chaturlal
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Euphonic Yoga is a natural amalgamation of yoga with Indian Classical Music & Indian Classical Dance. This production is headed by Shruti ChaturLal Sharma, granddaughter of Oscar Nominee & BAFTA Awardee tabla stalwart Pandit Chatur Lal. Suman Kanawat Sing, yoga choreographer and their team who strongly believe in the universal unity of art forms, providing long term health benefits activating energy spheres in our body, otherwise called the chakra system by combining music and dance forms with yoga giving a pure display of cultural diversity with Naari Shakti - ‘Women Empowerment’.

The first performance would showcase the journey of seven musical notes transcending in the World of 7 mystical chakras where its synergic techniques incorporates with Indian classical dance form Bharatnatyam, making you experience the beauty of our soul that narrates the mood, expression and the significance of the mystical seven chakras.

The second performance stages the ‘Reminiscence of the Golden Era’ of two stalwart brothers Tabla Stalwart Pandit Chatur Lal & Sarangi Legend Pt. Ram Narayan by their grandsons Master of Sarangi, Harsh Narayan and Prince of Tabla, Pranshu Chatur Lal. Harsh & Pranshu both are the young generation carrying the legacy forward where Harsh is known for his techniques allow him an enviable degree of creative freedom, coaxing the inherent musicality out of the 'sarangi' instrument whereas Pranshu is known for complete control over the rhythm (laya), exhibiting the intricate rhythm patterns brimming with unparalleled confidence, beautifully craving the language of tabla.