Exhibit: Delhi and Hyderabad: A Viridescent Renaissance

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Ismaili Centre


Daily talks at 5 pm during the week:

18th Nov: 'Delhi: Where Cultures Coalesce' - Dr Wafi Ahmed Momin

How throughout Delhi's history, creativity has sprung from encounters across and within diverse traditions and denominations.

19 Nov: 'Hyderabad: Re- Imagining a 16th Century Cosmopolis' - Mr Hussain Jasani

A voyage through Dakhni arts and architecture siting Muhammad Quili Qutb Shah's founding of a garden city and a dynastic high point.

20 Nov: 'Culinary pleasures of Hyderabad' - Mr Sujoy Gupta

Evoking a dream that recreates fragrances and flavours from delectable, aromatic dungar and baghar fare to Nizami Palatial cuisine, and uncovers their secrets.

22 Nov: 'Art and Cultural Landscape Under and After Qutb Shahs' - Ms Ragasudha Vinjamuri

Evidence establish that the performing arts, culture and literature of Telugus were actively patronized under and after Muhammad Quili Qutb Shah. Gain insights into the cultural expressions revived, practised and promoted.

23 Nov: 'Tombs Parks and Poets: Changing Lives and Spaces' - Prof Yudhishtir Raj Isar

Exemplars from India and elsewhere of how cultural assets can rehabilitate cities and improve quality of life.

*24 Nov: 'Climate Change: Why Gender Matters' - Prof Nitya Rao

From examples in communities in India and across South Asia, see how women's agency and local leadership can allow us better to adapt to climate change. To book, please click here.

25 Nov: 'Empowerment in action: The Women Transforming Communities in India' - Ms Tinni Sawhney

Inspirational illustrated narratives that demonstrate positive change in diverse domains.

* You only need to book the lecture on the 24th at the Aga Khan Centre which will take place at 5.30 pm. The other talks are all at 5 pm on a drop-in basis at the Ismaili Centre.