Music of the Cosmos
Madhusudan Kumar & Pramila Salian
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Curated by Alex Rodrigues (finger painter), Music of the Cosmos brings together siblings Madhusudhan Kumar and Pramila Salian.

Madhusudan is a musician and plays the Sitar; his paintings always depict musicians playing a classical Indian instrument, and are inspired by the ragas, and the cosmic energy and connection of music.

Pramila paints the universe, the cosmos, and the energies of the universe and how it is connected to us humans, in our life, thru art. The inauguration evening will witness artist Madhusudan opening the exhibition with a Sitar recital.

Madhusudan Kumar is a renowned artist and musician. As an Artist/Painter cum Sitar exponent, he has held several exhibitions and performances. He started painting at the age of six. He received formal training in art and music, along with graduation in Science. As a teenager, he pursued his passion for art at ‘Sir J.J. School of Art’, Bombay. During the course of studies he won several awards. He won an award of ‘Bombay Art Society’. Meanwhile, he worked as illustrator of ‘Children’s books’ for a reputed organization and his illustrated book was nominated for an international award at Tokyo. He has worked as creative director, designer and art director for advertising agencies, newspapers, tabloids, magazines, including Cine publicity.

Pramila Salian’s works revolve around the Rapturous Cosmos’, depicting the cosmic beauty of movements of the galaxy, almost proceeding to ‘non-figurative’ idiom. Expressing deeper feeling touching the unknown. In her works she attained three dimensional aspects and evolved into physical, meta-physical and philosophical expressions. The churnings of her travels of diverse area and her compassion for the struggle of the living find shape on her canvases with vivid colours.