Artworks of R.K.Laxman
Dharmendra Bhandari
Get Direction

With frugal brushstrokes that convey a wealth and depth of meaning and wry wit that unerringly finds its mark, R K Laxman’s incisive cartoons have put in perspective every significant political, social and economic event in India’s evolution since Independence. Indeed, the ‘Common Man’, Laxman’s representation of Everyman, endeared him to successive generations of readers as he embodied their hopes and fears, dreams and aspirations, disappointments and joys.

Curated by Dr Dharmendra Bhandari, Laxman’s close friend and biographer, this exhibition gives viewers the chance to admire R K Laxman’s technique and incredible oeuvre up close. From a rare look at Laxman, the artist, to his caricatures, humour and the political cartoons he is best known for, Dr Bhandari presents an eclectic selection that reveals a new side to Laxman even as it celebrates the work that established him as a national icon.