Art Exhibition

Preeti Rana
Get Direction

In Preeti’s words “Movement has always been my main contemplation. Whirling dervishes were hence an obvious model with their flowing skirts and dance form. Yet through them I discovered that real movement was less about physical displacement and more about the trajectory of the heart and mind towards understanding and discovery.

Nothing moves me more than music. Listening to Qafi- Qawwali or Khyaal- Thumri I feel transported and meditative. I met Music in person when I heard Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar sing. Dhrupad lifted my senses to a new level. As a layman I experience the divinity inherent in sound that travelled over 500 years. I have an entire series dedicated to Dhrupad as received from Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar called ‘Dhrupad- Prayatna’ – Prayatna or an effort.

“I have dipped my brushes in bleach and drawn out the golds and sepias from black ink. This unique technique is integral to my depiction of music and movement. Every stroke extends a little beyond me, allows me to imply like the unstruck note.”