Bhaskar Hande
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Bhaskar Hande is a well-known International artist; he has acquired his diploma in Applied Arts from Sir J. J. Institute of applied art Mumbai.

To explore Art at an International level he moved to Hague, Netherland, where he did a diploma in monumental Design, from the Royal Academy of Arts Th e Hague, Netherlands.

Bhaskar Hande was born Umbraj in the Maval region not far from Dehu where Tukaram was born. Tukaram, also referred to as Sant Tukaram, was a 17th-century Hindu poet and sant of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra, India. He was part of the egalitarian, personalized Varkari devotionalism tradition

Though Hande has been living Europe for about thirty six years his sense of colour, texture and form is distinctly Indian.

It is remarkable that he brings the refreshing force of Tukaram’s poetic vision into his paintings and sculptures. This is a novel dialogue motifs from the unique religious culture or pig pilgrims figure prominently. Hande’s leitmotif is the key image of Vithoba given varied geometric and perspective treatment by the artist. Semi-abstract shapes and figures or objects familiar to the people or rural Maharashtra, tools and implements used by farmers.