Fragments of a Journey
Aditi Chakraborty
Get Direction

A self-taught Indian artist working as an independent fine art professional since 2000, Aditi has had 10 solo exhibitions in India and Nepal and more than 50 curated shows in India, Nepal, Korea, Indonesia, France and China to my credit with a collector base in 14 countries so far.

This exhibition will showcase works from her nonfigurative nature abstraction series in oil which are the results of her twelve years long relentless experiments with forms and fragments. Th is series depicts her lifelong passionate involvement with nature in all its beauty and mystery and draws its essential inspiration from her Indian root and the songs of PRAKRITI by the celebrated Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. Each painting starts with a fragmented memory, and gradually becomes more meditative in the shift of forms and colours.

Aditi says “Just as in life, I always struggle to rise from chaos to harmony, to start from material concreteness and merge it into a greater reality. The whole process is spontaneous, without any preliminary planning or sketches, and I keep working on it like a quest: applying, stripping, whipping, re-applying, dripping until I get the desired effect. Once a painting is finished, I prefer to leave it to people’s imagination and feelings rather than trying to explain it with knowledge and understanding.