Exhibition: Chromatic Reveries

Midhun Gopi & Kapraras Alexandros
Monday 26 February 2024 – 06.15 pm Inauguration
On display till Friday 1st March 2024 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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The exhibition presents an enthralling convergence of artistic narratives by Midhun Gopi and Kapraras Alexandros, uniting their vibrant artistic journeys. It serves as a cultural dialogue by inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the harmonious interplay of primary hues, cultural essence, and distinctive artistic expressions curated by them. Midhun Gopi has had a traveling exhibition through France, Amsterdam, London, and Delhi.

Midhun Gopi a recent graduate from the University of Westminster, London, paints fictional landscapes from memory, weaving a vibrant tapestry reflecting India’s cultural heritage, and infusing it with contemporary interpretations. His use of primary hues is an ode to the myriad colours found in Indian traditions, mythology, and landscapes.

Kapraras Alexandros a Greek-British artist is the accompanying artist. Through his coloured portraits, he pays homage to the formal compositions of Greek Byzantine tradition by using water droplets as a defining element. Against bold, flat washes of primary colours, his portraits echo ancient myths.