Exhibition: Contempo

Amber Jagtiani
On display till Friday 16 June 2023 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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An exhibition of paintings by London based Artist Amber. This collection spans over a period of eight years and follows the artist’s journey into abstract art.

Amber’s roots are in India, and she has an artistic background, her father being an artist too. Hence her exposure to art began at a young age.

Her medium is acrylic, and her works are on canvas, paper, and cloth. Like most artists she takes inspiration from her surroundings, people, places, and experiences.

According to Amber, growing up in India, one is exposed to so much. Everything is so colourful and vibrant. It is a visual sensory experience.

Having spent time in the Middle East, she developed a fascination for Arabic architecture. She has depicted elements of those in the form of arches and domes in some of her work.

Amber’s paintings are spontaneous and organic. Her brush strokes and markings guide her to form a bigger picture. Though abstract may seem simple and sometimes vague, she says the process is quite complex. There are no fixed rules in art, according to her. For the artist the beauty of abstract is merely to express through form and colour.