Exhibition: Eclectic Melange

Various Artists
Monday 17 October 2022 – 06.00 pm Inauguration
On display till Friday 21 October 2022 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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Eclectic Melange explores the various relationships between man and his surroundings in space- physical manifestations (as in urban scape, landscape, seascape or just space to which we belong) and inner psyche (as in mindscape, our thoughts, and impressions) collectively forming an interesting mélange. In physical space, there are imprints left by the happenings in the society over time. Similarly, in inner space there are impressions layered deep in human psyche. The exhibition showcases theses impressions through the works of four artists- 3 painters and one photographer.

The fluidity of form in Renuka Sondhi Gulati’s art- sculptures, paintings, and digital art merge reality with a mythical dimension, a futuristic vision that becomes real just by the fact that it is visible through the artwork. Shashi Tripathi’s collection on display will have several themes connected by a common thread of self-evolution, nature, journey of life, and achievements by pushing the boundaries.

Nivedita Pande is constantly in dialogue with the idea of changing scenarios of space- from enclosed spaces to landscape, seascape, cityscape to only vast space, thus creating her own visual language to bring forth impressions from life. Kaushik Amruthur enjoys documenting stories of people and places through this visual expression, and he derives inspiration from forms, patterns and textures in people, architecture, and nature.