Exhibition: Festival Kali

Papia Ghoshal
On display till Friday 17 November 2023 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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Festival Kali is a spectacular festival founded and curated by the prominent versatile artist, poet, actor, and baul singer from Kolkata, Papia Ghoshal. Kali is the mother Goddess of time, change, creation, and power. Kali is also the destroyer of evil. Abanti Mukhopadhyay, a renowned Bharatanatyam dancer from Kolkata, will open the ceremony with her creative dance, called Dance Kali to celebrate Bengal’s Kali Puja, which happens to take place during this week.

Papia, highly inspired by the concept of Goddess Kali since childhood, chose Kali as her signature art.

Papia Ghoshal, being uniquely bold and skillful, is the only Asian to receive the prestigious Salvador Dali Award, European Circle of Franz Kafka Award, European Union of Fine Awards Award, and Trebbia International Award. She has also received the Mother Teresa International Award. Kolkata International Literary Award, and many others. Ghoshal has ten published popular books of poems and a few music albums. Ghoshal is curating an exceptional show where important artists from all over the world like Prakash Karmakar. Helmut Thoma, Sasha Berry, Assem Al Sabban, Samar Bhowmick, Jan Mayers, traditional scroll painters, and many others, are exhibiting under one umbrella.. FESTIVAL KALI, will be a precious amalgamation of paintings on Dasa Mahavidyas, Poetry, celebrating Shakti by internationally acclaimed poets, and daily film screenings related to Kali. Visitors will have the pleasure of tasting exotic Indian food at the festival.