Exhibition : Finding My Self

Ojasaya Mehar
On display till Friday 05 August 2022 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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Ojasya is a London based visual artist and painter. She uses her creative urge and skills for self-expression and is also an accomplished portrait painter.

Her art is informed by human form, complex emotions, cultural duality, and her personal experiences of the world. Through creativity she tries to make sense of complexity and evoke the inner child for herself and the viewer.

Ojasya has a keen interest in the subject of mental health. She believes that " Art has the power to transform lives for the better. It has the power to save lives. The process and medium of self-expression help declutter your mind and soul, paving the way to understand your deepest emotions. Finding your true self is a continuous journey and art is one of the tools to help you do that."

She works mostly in Oils and experiments with Acrylics and other art mediums. Many of her art pieces and portraits are in private collections around the world.

After a long hiatus Ojasya produced many artworks during the covid lockdown. She is now ready to showcase her paintings at the Nehru Centre. She looks forward to developing and producing art for years to come.

Formerly Ojasya worked under the name Jazmine Labana. She is also an interior designer.