Exhibition: Identity

Vivek Ignatius Pereira
Monday 30 October 2023 06.15 pm Inauguration
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These artworks are inspired by a film from the Indian golden era of the 20th century which is recognized by everyone. The artist has used a traditionally handmade film poster, digitally altered, and repainted it to create chance effects. These thin layers of spilled paint create the illusion of transparency. The attractive colour palette and embedded khadi cloth engage the viewer in the details of the composition. Having been inspired by the culturally changing landscape, Vivek decided to merge everyday Indian commodities and brands this film poster (which used to be traditionally handmade), modified the image which will later be printed on clothing that he has designed as a community project.

A multi-disciplinary artist combining Eastern and Western traditions of art, Vivek’s aim is to produce thought-provoking work that makes us re-evaluate our responsibilities towards society, the environment, and ourselves. He was raised in India, and living, traveling, and exhibiting his work in different parts of the world has given him a more complete view of social norms that dictate our thoughts and actions. He believes that the purpose of his work is to engage and empower minorities, the forgotten and the rejected who struggle to survive in present day society.