Postponed: Exhibition – Impressions

Prashant Phusate
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this exhibition has been postponed to a later date. Details to follow soon.

A painter by heart, exploring the colossal art world Prashant Phusate creates his artwork from his studio in Nagpur, India. Having left a mundane corporate job, practicing presently as a chartered engineer, he indulges in his passion alongside his entrepreneurial engagements. Deviating from conventional forms of painting, his increasing interest in textures infused his work with intense expressions, achieving intriguing results with unusual tactility.

The theme of his exhibition is “Impressions- An encounter with the inner self”, oscillating from past to present, amusement to pride, glory to obscurity.

Prashant Phusate's experiment with atypical modes and materials to capture emotions and life moments adds fluency and intonation to the colours. Life essence gets captured in a spontaneous movement as the colour meets the canvas. Making no attempt to portray actual figures, he leaves his creations with endless possibilities of being depicted as living by someone somewhere. After letting go of oneself the creative pursuit enables one to reconnect with the self. With little footsteps, his journey so far achieved many milestones including the solo show at India’s prestigious gallery Lalit Kala Akademi, India in 2019 and group shows overseas in London, Russia, Srilanka, Nepal, and many more.