Exhibition: India, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Mr. Narendra Pal Singh, Professor Harsh Vardhan, Dr. Sangeeta Goel, Ms. Reena Kumari
On display till Friday 1 September 2023 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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As India celebrates Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, to commemorate the 75th year of its independence from the British empire, it can boast of the huge strides it has made in varied fields of life. Art is no exception. The proposed event aims at celebrating ‘India - yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, giving a peek through the lens of art into beauty in simplicity India was social and spiritual values it upholds and its forays into the future, with the vision of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam (an inclusive planet).’

In this group exhibition, four Indian artists join to curate a visual feast of their paintings, on the above theme.

Narendra Pal Singh, a renowned artist on the Indian art scene for four decades, believes that ‘old’ must pave the way for the new and ‘new’ must preserve the old for the future. His paintings are a riot of colours and bold strokes to recreate the nostalgic charm of ‘the Lost Magical World’ - the village culture, festivals and fairs, trades and traditions, and rituals.

Prof. Harsh Vardhan Sharma is a well-known National Awardee Artist. In acrylic on canvas and in pen drawings, he creates a “speaking wall”, a collage of emotive Indian faces that connect and communicate directly with the audience.

Ms. Reena Singh, a seasoned artist has many solo and group exhibitions to her credit. She delves into abstract paintings around the theme of ‘Shiva and Tattva’ - the basis of existence and fundamental quality of the Cosmos according to Hindu Philosophy.

Dr. Sangeeta Goel, a former bureaucrat with passion and multiple exhibitions and publications to her credit believes that ‘Art for Art’s sake’ is a luxury which the world cannot afford. Her expressionistic paintings are subtle shutouts for an inclusive planet.