Exhibition: Maya the illusion, Moksha the freedom

Papia Ghoshal
Monday 6 May 2024 06.30 pm Inauguration
On display till Friday 10 May 2024 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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Celebrating the 163rd birth anniversary of the versatile personality Rabindranath Tagore, Papia Ghoshal, a multifaceted artist, and disciple of the legendary Baul Purna Das. Through her paintings, music, poetry, and films, Ghoshal pays homage to Tagore's profound connection with the Baul tradition of Bengal, exploring themes of illusion and ultimate freedom. Drawing from her deep immersion in Tagore's works and the spiritual practices of the Bauls, Ghoshal's exhibition offers a fresh perspective on Tagore's legacy and his symbiotic relationship with the Baul philosophy.

The exhibition promises an immersive experience, featuring a diverse array of events that showcase the rich cultural tapestry of Bengal. From Baul music and dance performances to Rabindra Sangeet recitals and poetry readings, attendees will be transported into the world of Tagore and the Bauls. Additionally, this exhibition offers an opportunity for deeper exploration into the spiritual practices that influenced Tagore's artistic journey. With a closing ceremony filled with Rabindra Sangeet and authentic Bengali cuisine, the exhibition promises to be a celebration of Tagore's enduring legacy and the timeless wisdom of the Baul tradition.