Exhibition: One – Vision for Art

Laxman Aelay, Ramesh Gorjala, Rekha Hebbar Rao & Yusuf
On display till Friday 13 October 2023 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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The captivating maiden collection features fresh works created especially for this exhibition by the four invited artists to present an overview of contemporary Indian creativity. Hailing from different artistic traditions and cities, artists create work inspired by their cultural roots besides contemporary realities, both ethereal and narrative, each echoing a distinct resonance.

Hyderabad-based Laxman Aelay’s colourful series was impacted by his multifaceted expertise as a billboard painter, designer, and filmmaker resonates with rural societal ramblings. In contrast, Ramesh Gorjala’s densely painted iconic compositions figuring sacred metaphors, inundated with birds and animals, reflect his engagement with mythology and traditional Kalamkari craft which he learnt as a child. Rekha Rao’s artwork, featuring lotus pond, hillside, and tree worship, focuses on ecology through abstraction, a genre she has learnt and refined on her own while taking forward the heritage and creative energy she had imbibed from her legendry artist-father KK Hebbar. Yusuf’s sublime expressionist renderings rotate around the purity of lines as they evoke a distinct nature scape adorning an earthy sensuous aura. Traversing through diverse palettes, textures and ethos, the capacious artworks intercede with each other and beyond to offer a cohesive aesthetic experience.

Curated by Meesha Gupta (Rigveda Art Gallery)