Exhibition: Spandan Indo British International Art Festival

Anant Vikas
On display till Friday 21 April 2023 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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SPANDAN, a promotional platform, in its 100 Month Art journey, organized 124 exhibitions and 16 Art Festivals with numerous promotional activities across India and organized “SPANDAN Global Art Festival '' July 2016 to June 2018 in 8 Union Territories and 29 States of India.

The festival will foster and showcase an environment of art and culture.

SPANDAN tried to create an environment where ‘ART BECOMES PART OF SOUL’, without any discrimination based on age, experience, educational background, etc. The thought behind creating such an environment has gained a special recognition around the entire Nation. They have now grown from ‘Group of Artists’ to a ‘Community of Art.’ As the platform steps into the Global market, the platform itself is maturing, just like many of its participating artists.