Exhibition: The Hindu Journey in Britain: The Untold Story

National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)
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As part of their 30th anniversary celebrations, NHSF (UK) will present a curated exhibition showcasing ‘The Hindu Journey in Britain: The Untold Story’.

This three-part exhibition features the contributions of Hindus to Britain across a range of spheres from politics to academia, key milestones achieved by Hindus in the UK, the various migrations, and stories of those who took these journeys, as well as our story of NHSF (UK) from conception until today.

Having toured across 40 plus universities, including the House of Lords, they will conclude their 30th anniversary celebrations at The Nehru Centre with an evening of history, culture, and pride in their British Hindu story.

Monday 22nd August 06.00 pm: Welcome reception and viewing of the curated exhibition. Followed by talks on Hindu Dharma, 30 years of NHSF (UK) and the contribution of Hindus in the UK, and hearing from a range of speakers including Dr Ramesh Pattni, Prof Manoj Ladwa and Prof Prokar Dasgupta.

Concluding with a Bharatanatyam performance by artists of BBC Young Dancer, a testament to the British-Indian-Hindu integration