Fate, Free Will and Law of Karma

Jaya Row
Get Direction

The human being alone is gifted with choice of action. With this you determine your future. Destiny is the sum total of all your past choices. It is irrevocable. So if you look at your past you are a victim. With reference to the future you are a victor. At each juncture you are free to choose the way you think desire or act. Once chosen you are a victim of its effect.

Think a negative, hateful thought. That moment you become a little more evil. The effect is failure, misery and sorrow. You carelessly entertain negative thoughts. Think a positive, loving, elevating thought. That instant you become a little more divine. The effect is good fortune, happiness and spiritual growth. You meet with serendipitous experiences.

Mrs Jaya Row is celebrated as one of the finest orators on Vedanta, Indian philosophy. Her technique is simple yet powerful! Articulate and precise, she brings alive the wisdom of the Vedas in a modern context. Backed by her experience in corporate life along with 40 years of research on Vedanta she inspires her audiences to live fulfilled lives.