Film Screening : My Home India

Anjali Bhushan
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MY HOME INDIA is a memoir of the personal history of Kira Banasinska, the Polish woman, who helped heal & house several thousands of Poles from Siberian Labour Camps during World War II in India, from 1942 to 1947. Both in films and history books, a lot is spoken and known about World War II, but little is known about what happened to the Poles who survived Soviet Siberian labour camps and found their way into India. These Poles have different stories to tell but have one common link – Kira Banasinska. The wife of Eugene Banasinska, the first Polish Consul General of Poland in Bombay, was instrumental in seeing that thousands and thousands of Poles found the safe passage and home in and from India.
This film is about the fragile but stubborn and strong-willed Kira Banasinska’s phenomenal struggle to make a home for the Polish war refugees in India. The film is a rare collection of previously unseen archives combined with first-hand testimonies from the survivors.

Anjali Bhushan is a director, writer, and producer makes content that rekindles and reactivates affirmative life values. Anjali has co-produced and co-directed with Leslee Udwin, a controversial feature-length documentary based on the Nirbhaya Rape Case 2012, titled “India’s Daughter”; directed and produced the documentary “My Home India”; directed and produced the documentary “Smiling Woman of Banda”. Her Bollywood credits include Karan Johar’s ‘’Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’’ (Chief Assistant Director), “Albela” (Screenplay Writer & Associate Director), Aziz Mirza’s “Kismat Konection” (Story Writer), “Dharm” (Associate Director), “Shivaay” (Creative Producer); “Satyameva Jayate”, “Batla House”, “Kabir Singh”, “Street Dancer 3D”, “Saina”, “Ludo” (VP Creative, T-Series); “Ray” Season 1, “Jamtara” Season2, “She” Season 2, “ShabaashMithu” (Executive Producer), amongst others.