Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture 2023

Paul Bazely on ‘Becoming Gandhi’
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In his lecture, actor Paul Bazely will explain how he ‘Became Gandhi’ for the National Theatre’s production of ‘The Father and the Assassin’.

Paul will explain the play and what it has tried to achieve by setting out the perspectives of both Mohandas Gandhi and his assassin, Godse.

Paul will then explain what playing Gandhi has meant to him as an actor, and a person growing up in Britain with Indian heritage. He will set out how seeing the Attenborough film as a child, and then learning about non-violence more depth, and how to spin (from Asha Buch, from Khadi London) was key to him preparing for, and performing, the role of Gandhi on stage.

Paul will also reflect on the importance of Gandhi and his philosophy today, particularly Khadi.

He will explain how the play and the work of Khadi London – who also provided all the fabric used in the play on stage - and its partners in India is vital to keeping Gandhi’s life and message relevant – particularly for young people - in a world where consumerism and throw away fashion dominate.