Mehndi Hasan
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Mehndi Hasan, the son and disciple of renowned Hindustani classical and Ghazal singer Ustad Sattar Hasa is a Jaipur based Indian classical Ghazal, Thumri, Rajasthani Mand singer and composer.

He is well known for his collaborations with artists like Ustad Hidayat Khan, Ustad Sultan Khan , Pt Anup Jalota , Kavita Krishnamurthy , Ustad Liyakat Khan, Ustad Dilshad Khan to name a few.

He has released several acclaimed albums and has performed at reputed international venues like Kite Festival, France and Milan Festival, Netherlands. He has performed in various Television channels, like the NPO channel Amsterdam, Sarwaswati Art TV and Nataraj TV along with many radio stations in The Netherlands.

Recently Mehndi Hasan recorded and sung a track from the famous Ghazal singer Ustad Mehdi Hassan.