Immortals and Unsullied

Art Exhibition
Rita Jhunjhunwala
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Born in Kolkatta, Rita trained extensively under art professors Ashesh Mitra, Chitra Mazumdar and Bimal Dasgupta . In 1969 she received the Soviet Land Nehru Award for painting, from the President of India. In 1984 she was selected a Finalist in the 35th Grand Prix Internationale Di Peinture de Deauville, France. In 1985 she received a medal in the 8th Gran Premio Internationale Di-Pittura, Rome, Italy and selected a Finalist in the 21st Grand Prix Internationale de Peinture dela Cote D’Azur, Cannes, France.

In India she was awarded by Bhikuram Jain Foundation and Sangeet Shyamala . In 2004 Rita’s painting was installed ion Rashtrapati Bhawan by President Abdul Kalam.

Immortals is the celebration of the lives and deeds of some extraordinary individuals from India who through their sacrifice, relentless hard work, remarkable insight or innate talent have left the world richer than they found it

Unsullied features the beautiful, transcendent lotus flower which grows in filth, but does not mingle with it, just as a true being that lives in the world, but is not of it.

The medium of her painting is mainly acrylic, with some use of charcoal and gold foil.