Indian Culinary Week

Maha Rashtra: A delicious journey through the land of Marathas
Shubhankar Bhalkar
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We are delighted to bring before you a weeklong experience in culinary delight. India is a melting pot of cultures and along with it a myriad of cuisines. In a country as vast as India each state offers a cuisine which is distinct from the other, yet the base and the spices remain similar. One can never tire of the tantalising flavours of the various cuisines of the Indian Sub-Continent.

Join us at The Nehru Centre, where each day of the week, we will introduce a new chef specializing in a regional cuisine. There will be a conversation about food followed by a tasting menu.

Shubhankar Bhalkar is a professional & passionate chef who desires to take Maharashtrian Cuisine to the world map. Currently, he works at Le Comptoir Robuchon, London. A small-town boy from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, he is a travel enthusiast, which has helped him discover different cultures and cuisines. He has a degree in Hotel Management from Pune University.

Shubhankar went on to do a course from Le Cordon Bleu, a leading French culinary school in London. Cordon Bleu taught him the importance of flavours and textures in food, different ways to handle an ingredient and cooking techniques.

His goal has always been to bring out the lost flavours of Maharashtrian Cuisine. For him, Maharashtra is more diverse in terms of ingredients & cooking techniques than any other cuisine. There are techniques that are followed for 100s of years. This cuisine is passed on from one generation to the next, hence remains close to the heart. Every household has their own recipes. For instance, the spice mixes his mother makes are unique and passed down from generations. Unfortunately, today in this fast-moving world we are quickly adopting quick easy techniques and losing old ways. Join Shubhankar as he peeps into our past and gets back to the lost flavours.