Indian Culture and Gandhi’s Universal Ideology

Art Exhibition
Bhumija Dipti Panchal
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Different Magnitudes and Forces are the subject of Bhumija Dipti Panchal, who is from India and finished her studies in 2002 and holds a degree of doctorate from Bheemrao Ambedkar University, Agra. By profession she was an art and craft teacher in India. After coming to London in 2017 she became a student of Hempstead School of Fine Arts to restart her passion of Fine Arts. She has successfully completed her advance course in fine arts with merit.

Globalization, Women Empowerment, expansion with nature and creation are the common factors that can be seen in our thousand years old Indian culture and Gandhiji’s ideology. Just like Gandhian philosophy of arriving at the realm of truth, Bhumija is also trying her experiences to give fluidity and lucidity to her expressions of art. Her work is a mélange of shades, tints and hues reflecting the force of her creativity and the magnitude of themes from the mundane. These works are a reflection of inner strength of thoughts translated into images and installations bearing resemblance to the ideas of Indian culture and the ideals of Gandhiji to not conform to sameness but have a continuous quest for ultimate reality.