Folk Dances of India
Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence
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India is a land of myriad people, and is rich with a variety of celebratory, recreational and ceremonial dances in diverse tribal traditions.

Indradhanush will showcase a colourful display of handpicked dances such as the enchanting Miji dance of Arunachal Pradesh, unique Saora dance of Andhra Pradesh and distinctly flavoured Siddi dance of the 300 year-old Afro Indian community of Karnataka from the South, amongst others.

Ragasudha Vinjamuri the lead organiser of the programme and disciple of Dr Uma Ramarao in Hyderabad, is a Limca Book World Record holder in dancing, having presented classical dance on several niche topics. She was also invited to present dance at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2018. She has been researching and promoting lesser seen folk and tribal dance traditions in the UK for the last ten years and was instrumental in creating wide awareness about dances such as Mathuri and Gond of Telangana, Saora of Andhra Pradesh etc. among the UK audiences and taking some of these dances including Hojagiri of Tripura to events at the Houses of British Parliament for the first time in history.